Greek pack list

Two weeks in Greece, you cannot get better than that. Maybe a day or 2 cycling. I am going as minimal as I can. I’m hoping for a few off road sections and a night out under the stars in my new bivi bag, who needs a tent anyway, let’s hope for no rain. Weather forecast is saying blustery.

Porcelain Rocket: Frame bag, Bar bag. Great bags, although I have already broken one zip.       


I put the staple in to stop it from ripping apart

Buggy Bag: Behind seat tube bag. Idiots put the zip on the drive side. WPO


Carradice: Super C Saddlebag. Their side pockets are useless (things can jump out) so I sewed in some drawstring tops.


Bike buddy cage underneath the downtube


Monkii cage on the fork.


King cage, stem mount.


Klean Kanteen: The only healthy option for water bottles, ok so the chainring clearance is a bit tight!


Superstar mountain bike pedals
Restrap foot straps. That means only one pair of shoes.


And in the bags are:

Bar bag: silk sleeping bag liner (made for me in Cambodia), sleeping bag, sleeping mat, bivi bag (New from ) very excited.


Cooking stuff in the frame bag, probably get a little food on there as well.


Pump, inner tube, levers, lock and Leatherman in the Behind seat tube bag. Might even put in a puncture repair kit.

Clothes in the saddle bag, not decided upon yet. Although I do have some Zappi’s socks for packing. Somewhere I will put my Tablet and Kindle. Garmin.

I’m loving the new cockpit action, the bars look great, bespoke sweep for comfort. – unfortunately I cannot remember who made them, someone I’m America.

I know I could have put links to all the equipment mentioned, but thought I’d you are interested you could look it up.


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