I’m inThailand

At about 10.30 this morning I crossed the borders out of Cambodia and into Thailand.

They are on the wrong side of the road, idiots, after 12 month of riding on the right I enter Thailand and the Thais for some irregular reason ride/drive on the left.

Well first impressions: 

  • People are friendly,
  • Roads are in better condition than Cambodia
  • Road users are going faster
  • Hotels are more expensive and worse value for money.
  • It’s still hot.


I met 2 Russian cyclists today (that’s a first, well first and second). They have cycled from Russia through China, for some inexplicable reason I did not get their names or contact details.  But while talking they saw a tuc tuc full of backpackers, they pointed and laughed, ‘ah backpackers just following the Lonely Planet like lemmings. All in the same footsteps, idiots’  I laughed so hard, how could they have known they were my exact sentiments.

Today’s stats:

Country: Cambodia/ Thailand
Day: 354 (of travelling not including holidays)
Time: 4.35.55
Distance: 69.90 Miles
Averages speed: 15.2 MPH
Max Speed: 22 MPH
Accumulative Mileage: 13490 Miles
Money: 174.22 Euro to the good 


6 thoughts on “I’m inThailand

  1. Hey “killer”! I am in Hua Hin, Thailand, and have swapped the LP sheep for oldies in skimpy swimwear. Avoid at all costs! Although the best bike shop I’ve seen in Asia is here if you need bits and pieces for MSK III.

    Take it easy in the heat – I ended up pretty ill on my way from Cambodia to Thailand – and head for the sea as fast as you can. Nice breezes and manageable cycling temperatures.

    Hope to see you on the road somewhere.


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